Industrial Distribution - Magnaloy

Flexible Drive CouplingsCoupling Picture

Magnaloy couplings are the original lightweight, heavy-duty flexible couplings on the market.  Constructed from magnesium, these couplings are 75% lighter than their cast-iron counterparts, and nearly 36% lighter than aluminum units. 

Benefits of Magnaloy’s flexible drive couplings include reduced loads on bearings, shafts, and pumps for longer life.  These couplings also offer easy handling and installation.

Key Features:

  • 1-1/8” – 4- ¾” maximum bore size
  • Torque ratings up to 71,763in-lbs
  • Close matching tolerances
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Rust proof and corrosion resistant

Mount PicturePump/Motor Mounts
Magnaloy offers a complete line of pump/motor mounts.  The mounts are available in aluminum casting or welded steel construction in horizontal or vertical designs for electric motor, gasoline or diesel engine to hydraulic pump applications.

All mounts are machined to precision tolerances to assure proper alignment between the motor and pump pilot.



Rod End PictureCylinder Rod End Alignment Couplers
Combining extended misalignment capabilities and strength, the Magnaloy Rod Alignment Couplers are the most versatile couplers on the market.  Available in two models, the M-Series and R-Series, these couplers provide thread from 5/15 – 24 to 4 ¼ - 12 with maximum rated load of 370,850 lbs. 

The M-Series provides 10º spherical misalignment and 1/8 inch lateral misalignment while the new R-Series provides 7 1/2º spherical misalignment and 1/8 inch lateral misalignment. The new R-Series design allows retro-fit from competitive brands while offering increased strength and misalignment capabilities

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