Industrial Distribution - Char-Lynn

Known as a leader in the steering control unit industry, Char-Lynn products offer high-performance, quality, cost-effective solutions.

The Char-Lynn product line includes steering units, general purpose motors, spool valves, disc-valves, and high-performance motors.

Hydraulic Motors
Recognized as a leader in low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motor technology, Char-Lynn motors are extremely reliable, compact, and have tremendous power density.

The Char-Lynn motor range consists of three major types based on the type of valving used to distribute fluid.

  • Spool Valve
  • Disc Valve
  • Valve-in-Star (VIS)

Steering Control Units
Char-Lynn steering control units are fully fluid linked, which means there is no mechanical connection between steering unit, the pump, and the steering cylinders.

The unit consists of a manually operated directional control servo valve and feedback meter element in a single body.  It is used principally for fluid linked power steering systems, but it can be used for some servo-type applications.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Minimizes steering linkage
  • Reduces cost
  • Provides flexibility in design
  • Provides continuous, unlimited control action with very low input torque
  • Provides complete isolation of load forces from the control station
  • Offers a wide selection of control circuits and meter sizes
  • Works with many kinds of power steering pumps or fluid supply

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