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Encoders%%ROOTURLLIVE%%downloads Produkte Bilder Foto 3697-0-DSL.jpg
Encoders monitor position, speed, angular value and rotational direction with unsurpassed accuracy. Baumer’s incremental, absolute, and absolute mulitturns are the most precise in the industry.

Key Features:

  • Housing diameters as small as 18mm
  • Magnetic encoders for harsh environments
  • Large range of body styles
  • Hollow-shaft versions for shafts as large as 2”
  • DeviceNet, Profibus, CanOpen, SSI and Fiberbus interfaces are supported

My-Com Ultra-Precision Mechanical Switches%%ROOTURLLIVE%%downloads Produkte Bilder Foto 3980-0-DSL.jpg
The unique design and high degree of sensitivity set the My-Com switches apart from other mechanically actuated sensors.  These sensors work perfectly as control stops in X-Y tables and machine tools.

Key Features:

  • 1 micron accuracy
  • Transistor output with LED available
  • Patented precision mechanical switch
  • End or side-facing actuation
  • IP67 versions available
  • Ten million cycles guaranteed

Ultrasonic Sensors%%ROOTURLLIVE%%downloads Produkte Bilder Foto 2715-0-DSL.jpg
Color, material and difficult surface properties are no challenge to these sensors.  From transparent glass to translucent foils to foam rubber, detection is fast and repeatable.

Key Features:

  • Excellent precision and temperature stability
  • Analog outputs available
  • Proximity and through-beam configurations
  • Retro-reflective versions have no blind zone and are able to detect sound absorbing targets
  • Teach-in parameter settings

Laser Sensors
Baumer’s laser sensors are known as the smallest in the world.  They provide meticulous sensing, precise focus and ultimate control in housings as small as a sugar cube.

Key Features:

  • Superb repeatability
  • Provides ultra-small beam sport at long ranges
  • Sensing ranges exceeding 20”
  • True background suppression by triangulation to minimize effects of color and reflectivity
  • Analog and digital outputs
  • The standard in small object detection

Photoelectric Sensors%%ROOTURLLIVE%%downloads Produkte Bilder Foto 3194-0-DSL.jpg
Baumer’s Photoelectric Sensors are the most reliable way to sense objects of nearly any material and size at ranges of 5mm to 40m.

Key Features:

  • True RGB color sensor with multiple channel outputs
  • Teach-in parameters
  • Diffuse, retro-reflective, and through-beam
  • Fiber optics including high-speed and extended range expandable/modular amplifiers
  • True background suppression by triangulation

Inductive and Capacitive Proximity Sensors%%ROOTURLLIVE%%downloads/Produkte/Bilder/Foto/1357_2_DSL.jpg
These sensors are the rugged standard for detection of metals, fluids and non-metallic targets in the harsh environment of today’s automated processes.

Key Features:%%ROOTURLLIVE%%downloads Produkte Bilder Foto 2332-0-DSL.jpg

  • Wide range of body materials
  • Housing diameters as small as 3mm
  • Full suite of outputs, including analog
  • Extended sensing ranges and high temperature designs
  • Wide variety of body styles – short and long bodied tubular, square and flat-pack

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