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Whether it's a complex system or simple pump and motor, we custom design hydraulic power to fit your needs.

It's one thing to recommend and provide dependable, name brand hydraulic power products.  It's quite another to design, engineer and specify a complete system that works perfectly for your operations.  As our many satisfied customers know, Power Drives does both.

We're known for our experience and success in providing solutions for the most challenging hydraulic power applications.  You can depend on Power Drives to create a system that provides state-of-the-art efficiency and long-life operation.

Capabilities Include:


  • Project management
  • Design Review
  • Documentation packages
  • Certification

Extreme Requirements

  • Any volume or pressure
  • Potential contamination
  • Specialized hydraulic fluids
  • Temperature variations

Integrated Systems

  • Application-matched components
  • Standard JIC or custom tanks
  • PLC controls
  • Electric, diesel or gasoline power
  • Turnkey systems

Standard Units

1500  psi 2000 psi 3000 psi 4000 psi Pump information
HPUP-7.5-7.5-15-30 HPUP-7.5-10-20-30 HPUP-7.5-15-30-30 HPUP-7.5-20-40-30 .75"- 3/16
HPUP-12-15-15-40 HPUP-12-20-20-40 HPUP-12-25-30-40 HPUP-12-40-40-40 7/8"- 1/4 KEY
HPUP-18-20-15-60 HPUP-18-25-20-60 HPUP-18-40-30-60 HPUP-18-50-40-60 1"-1/4" 1.5" LONG
HPUP-30-30-15-100 HPUP-30-40-20-100 HPUP-30-60-30-100 HPUP-30-100-40-100 1-1/4"-5/16 KEY
HPUP-42-50-15-150 HPUP-42-60-20-150 HPUP-42-100-30-150   1-1/2"-3/8" KEY
HPUP-59-60-15-200 HPUP-59-75-20-200 HPUP-59-100-30-200   1-3/4"-7/16" KEY


Part Number Break Down EX: 
Part Number:   HPUP-18-25-20-60
HPUP= Pressure Compensated Piston Pump
18= GPM
25= HP
20 = 2000PSI,  etc.
60 = 60 Gallon Reservoir JIC Type w/cleanout covers & Site Gauge



Custom Applications: